Social Media Factory and EDU-Websites

At a Barcamp Session in 2018 with 60 Universities in Essen, Germany one session was called „Where can you still find your future students, where do they hang out online?”  The general confusion and helplessness was founded in the ever changing social networks young people use. Where to announce your programmes if WhatsApp and Instagram seem to be out of style already?

From the eager discussion one point became very clear

Soon it became clear: every single University worked in different fields. Some have success in some fields where others don’t and vice versa. But all networks are still relevant and new ones just become relevant, too, and are adding to the mix!

Thinking in separate drawers is wrong – think of an interconnected mix!

So there is not “the” one tool – like in the past – with one portal still important but “drawers” thinking is a fault and not a good relevance in the social media world. For student recruitment it is a mistake only to think in separate drawers like portals, a drawer YouTube, a drawer Facebook or a drawer Instagram – you need a closet filled with all these drawers.

We have a closet containing all these drawers, a media mix which is easy to handle, a Social Media Factory.

Our closet consists of many websites and just as many social media

We have over 150 websites such as or This is just one place where people look for information. Study programme descriptions, videos and contact forms are all available for prospective students. Besides that social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are another important source. This is still important.

On social media we mirror all information: Study programme descriptions, videos and contact forms are all available to prospective students as well.

For Video YouTube is unrivaled

YouTube is the rising star of career advising. Young people can find all kinds of information about studying. This is where we placed our platform ‘Studienberatung‘. Study programme descriptions, videos and contact forms are all available for prospective students as well. At the moment we think YouTube is the most important.

Facebook still biggest player and we get great engagement

We can think about Facebook whatever we want. It is strong and parents and future students still inform themselves on Facebook. The fact that Facebook used to be more popular does not indicate that it is no longer important. For example some people watch live streams and videos on Facebook. Posts with study programme descriptions on subject pages, testimonials, open days – all information is mirrored.

Instagram and future platforms

We are on Instagram and will be on all new future platforms and will offer all needed information there too.

It is hard to find the right places to meet your future students. It is hard for you to build up all these tools. We offer them all!

Based on any platform is Content Marketing

Our EDU-Portals which are a portfolio of all our EDU-Websites and corresponding social media network make you visible on all relevant channels! This is why we have been following the strategy of a qualitative content marketing for more than ten years.

Content Marketing is a type of online marketing which aims to produce and distribute content relevant to marketing. The overall goal is to generate especially valuable topics that speak to the target group and possibly even lead to an action through positive image transfer or customer retention. Marketing here is not bold but subtle. Therefore it is not the advertising message that takes center stage but instead the provision of informative content, knowledge building or entertainment of the target group – so the creation of added value for the recipient.

For the education sector and in our case this means: The provision of qualified information for the choice of a career path, as this is one of the most important decisions in the life of a young person. Thanks to our several EDU-Websites and social media it is possible to spread your content specifically and to bring it closer to the target group!

With us you are everywhere – we build your Social Media Factory!

Example of a modern campaign 

  1. Portals
  • Presentation of 11 programmes on our international website “”, on our German website “” and all matching general-information and subject websites in our extensive education-website network. Including:
    • Contact buttons
    • Contact forms
    • Pictures
    • Video Testimonial
    • List of video and written testimonials
    • SEO optimization
  • Pre-registration functionality. Specialized button and data forwarding of student with a strong intent to study and enroll at your university
  • Detailed university profile on every website where any of your programmes show up. Including:
    • Pictures
    • Videos
  • Presentation of all open days, Info Cafés, Skype sessions or webinars
  • 6 Written experience reports
  • Holland First – America Second

Usage of 5 EDU-CON country websites to promote degree programmes of your University with an opportunity to have a semester abroad in countries where you have partner universities.

  1. YouTube
  • Production of 2 video testimonials with students per year filmed at the university
  • Presentation of 10 videos produced by the university on our YouTube channel
  1. Social Media
  • 30 posts including a picture on social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, google+) in our educational network
  • Facebook ads in German (50 % ad volume, 50 % technical control)
  • Upload videos on our Facebook page studieren-in-holland, including one post per video
  1. others
  • 3 newsletter articles to 21,000 young people
  • Dedicated native e-newletter – text only – to overcome the SPAM filter (AOL, web, etc.) to 21,000 young people

In total this campaign costs € 20,000

This campaign provided 70 new German students in the Netherlands.

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